Dale is able to ask those great questions that help you crystalize your thinking and help you move forward. I love her high energy, focus, and gentle spirit that all work together for her clients. She is amazing!

–Cathy Fyock


I highly recommend Dale as a Life Coach. If you’ve never met with her, please do yourself a favor. It is time well spent. She has helped me grow personally as well as professionally. I plan to continue using her services and recommend to all of my friends and business associates

–Dena Bentley


Dale’s Clarity, focus and grace allows the client whom she facilitates, the ability to shift in a way that evokes change and empowers and enhances movement out of barrier that keeps a client “struck” in their life’s journey.

Her dedication and belief that we are all worthy of living full and gracious lives, inspires and uplifts.

–Rhonda Schladand LMT


Dale has been helping me with the beginning of college process, and with the school organization, but she has done a lot more. Dale has also been done a fantastic job of helping me learn to better communicate with my parents, something I have had immense trouble with. she is also helping my parents to understand me in a way they hadn’t before.The things she is teaching me with and about my relationship with my parents are things I will use in all my relationships.

–Martha W, High School Junior


Dale challenged me to look into the deepest part of my soul, and trust that I already held the answers that I was looking for. She has Supported me with compassion and love, and I am better for knowing her.

–Brittany C, Middle School Teacher


Creating my resume, after 7 dormant years, seemed like a daunting task. However Dale was able to miraculously simplify the process! I walked away a working resume that beautifully represents who i am. It’s Empowering to know I have Dale as such a competent resource for my job search; now and in the future.

–Ritu Sanguan


I appreciate the work you have done for my 15 years old daughter and me. I trust your words to her I know they will be leading her in a positive direction with her young life. I also totally trust that you advise to my daughter will always bring her closer to me with my primary job in life which is raising my children.

–Ginger H