Self Review of How Others See You

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I saw this article in Careerealism and adapted it as I thought it not only applies to careers but also certainly in life. Take a self review of how you think others would see you at work and outside work:

1. Are You Always Late
Are you someone who is always late? What is late….5 minutes … a half hour?
2. Are You Rude?
Do you get curt with people … maybe sarcastic … irritated and you show it?
3. How Involved Are You?
Are you used to outsourcing everything but your sleep and love life? It’s great to have support but are you seen as someone who delegates so you don’t have to roll your own sleeves up?
4. Are You Open To Change
Do you like to “stick with what works?” Are you someone who keeps buying the same brand products forever, who goes to the same vacation place year after year, and lives by “Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke”? This certainly can be OK if you don’t miss something new — often the silver platter is right under our nose — we need to be awake to see it!
5. Are You Too Proud?
Are you a proud person who doesn’t need anyone and likes to “make it on your own?” Respect! You probably don’t ask for help easily (or at all!) and you love to help others. Just make sure not to translate this too rigidly and cut your nose off as they say!

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