Self Development Goals for Growth

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According to an article in Careerealism, here are the seven milestones (goals) of self development in pursuit of personal and professional growth … I have to agree this is a pretty good list:
1. Preparation
One must be ready for the new challenges and opportunities and prepare for them in mean time. This shows that you are perceptive and hold a futuristic approach.
2. Enthusiasm
In pursuit of achieving our goals, there has to be a strong will, a passion, and the enthusiasm for it. Enthusiasm demands perseverance.
3. Self-Reliance
Not at the expense of support but rather, one must follow intuition.
4. Expertise
Excellence in skills can only be attained by constantly struggling and polishing what we already know…One must always remember that an expert was once a learner.
5. Self-Image
Although our appearance to others is important, our self-image is more important.
6. Self-Discipline
Once a person has learned the art of self-discipline, there can be no impediment more difficult to overcome.
7. Extraordinary Performance
To err is human; to learn from errors is divine. This simple mantra, if followed devotedly, can result in consummate individuals. To do so, one must take up challenges, walk the extra mile, and put in an absolute effort to give a phenomenal performance.

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