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Have you ever noticed how much we are told Optimism is a vital key to success in all aspects of our lives? I’ve heard everything from “fake it to make it” to being labeled a Pollyanna if always seeing the glass as half full. And yet, I know there is something to it. Having a positive attitude can impact how we see the world around us.

Donald @ Life Optimizer recently wrote: “Optimism means a sense of unlimited possibilities about your future. It’s the belief that, when it comes to your future, nothing is impossible. Your surroundings might not be ideal, but that won’t hinder you from being what you’re supposed to be.”

For me, Optimism is not just the way we think but is getting out of our heads and into the Truth we hold sacred within each of us deep in our souls. It is when we can reach down and access this Truth that we get in touch with our internal rudder, our motivation, our confidence — all which fuel our outlook — like wearing a new pair of glasses so we can soften our gaze and open to a new landscape. The the glass is full to overflowing!

There are many ways to access this internal knowing — one of my favorites is getting into mindfulness and doing a visualization —

I would love to tell you more — call me!

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