About SageAdvice Coaching

Why choose SageAdvice Coaching & Counseling:

SageAdvice Certified Life Coaching & Counseling specializes in supporting individuals and groups to change intentions into action for long-term successes and wellbeing. Results happen through acquiring and practicing new skills, experiential learning and self-inventory.

About Sage AdviceSage advice, a coaching/counseling practice, is the culmination of over the three decades of experience including Life Coaching and Empowerment Training, Career & College Counseling and Human Resources Management in both for profit and non-profit venues. Married and the mother of two adult daughters, Dale Herink brings a wealth of her own experience in working with women, men, parents and teens.

She challenges clients to meet their goals by fostering a meaningful way for them to understand themselves and their environment. Following her methods, clients can make informed choices impacting their life and lifestyle in more positive, productive and lasting ways.

One of the Dale’s key professional experiences was as Vice President in an organization dedicated to addressing women’s advocacy and women’s issues. There She was able to focus her coaching, counseling and training expertise with her personal commitment to supporting women on their unique journeys.

Dale Herink earned her BA Degree Cum Laude in Psychology from Duke University, is trained in the Hakomi Method of psychotherapy, is a Certified Facilitator through Woman Within International, Ltd. and is a Certified Life Coach.


SageAdvice is where you can

  • build your interview expertise for a job or college search
  • make and achieve goals that will last
  • increase communication skills for home, work and relationships
  • bridge the gap between you and your teenager
  • enrich personal understanding and meaning in your life


The unexamined life is not worth living
– Socrates