Our style of Communication impacts how we can be heard and understood. Of course we want to get our needs met and feel connection when we speak to others in our lives. Sometimes. it is hard to know what our needs are let alone articulate them. communication is finding your voice and using it wisely.

One of the most challenging aspects of any relationship whether personal or professional is learning how to be effective in our style and content of communication not only so we hear and understand others, but so others hear and understand us.

At SageAdvice, you can learn how to hone your skills to be effective in your everyday communication and add to your toolbox methods to move through conflict clearly, cleanly and without blame.

When we can see, understand and be accountable for our communication, we can close the gap between our intention and our impact. It also help us to have clear boundaries when others are communicating with us.

Another aspect of Communication is the internal dialog that goes on in our heads. Ever find yourself saying negative statements to yourself? Our Self-Talk dialog can be shifted so we can believe in ourselves and move forward on our life path with confidence and passion.

The heart is wiser than the intellect.
– J.G. Holland