College & Career Counseling & Coaching

If you find your passion and personal mission, you will be successful. Career Counseling will support you to get to your destination more quickly. ¬†There are many aspects to finding the best job match-resume, cover letter, networking, interview skill, negotiation techniques…but it is more than that…

It is knowing how to demonstrate with confidence and authenticity not only your proven accomplishments and skills but also the measure of your character.

College and CareerLike a Job Search, The College Admissions process can be both exiting and stressful. Two of the most important aspects are the Application Essay and the Personal Interview.

A successful and insightful Interview and Essay can be the difference in receiving the Acceptance Letter form the College of your choice!

At SageAdvice not only can you create your competitive edge in verbal and written presentation skills but also discover through a self-inventory process how to understand and articulate your value to perspective employers and Admissions Review Teams.


Sample Coaching outcomes:

  • Meyers Brigg Type Indicator Inventory
  • Resume
  • Interview Skills you need to first and foremost be yourself with confidence as well as for you to demonstrate your interest, initiative and character
  • Writing Expertise to show your passion, preference, strengths, challenges, imagination, energy and ambition
  • Goal Plan


People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.
– Dale Carnegie