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SageAdvice Certified Life Coaching & Counseling specializes in supporting individuals and groups to change intentions into action for long-term successes and wellbeing. Results happen through acquiring and practicing new skills, experiential learning and self-inventory.

About Sage AdviceSage advice, a coaching/counseling practice, is the culmination of over the three decades of experience including Life Coaching and Empowerment Training, Career & College Counseling and Human Resources Management in both for profit and non-profit venues. Married and the mother of two adult daughters, Dale Herink brings a wealth of her own experience in working with women, men, parents and teens.

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April 1, 2014 |


Have you ever noticed how much we are told Optimism is a vital key to success in all aspects of our lives? I’ve heard everything from “fake it to make it” to being labeled a Pollyanna if always seeing the glass as half full. And yet, I know there is something to it. Having a positive attitude can impact how we see the world around us. Donald @ Life Optimizer recently wrote: “Optimism means a sense of unlimited possibilities about your future. It’s the belief that, when it comes to your future, nothing is impossible. Your surroundings might not be ideal, but that won’t hinder you from being what you’re supposed to be.” For...

April 1, 2014 |

Self Development Goals for Growth

According to an article in Careerealism, here are the seven milestones (goals) of self development in pursuit of personal and professional growth … I have to agree this is a pretty good list: 1. Preparation One must be ready for the new challenges and opportunities and prepare for them in mean time. This shows that you are perceptive and hold a futuristic approach. 2. Enthusiasm In pursuit of achieving our goals, there has to be a strong will, a passion, and the enthusiasm for it. Enthusiasm demands perseverance. 3. Self-Reliance Not at the expense of support but rather, one must follow intuition. 4. Expertise Excellence in skills can only be attained by constantly struggling...

March 15, 2014 |

Self Review of How Others See You

I saw this article in Careerealism and adapted it as I thought it not only applies to careers but also certainly in life. Take a self review of how you think others would see you at work and outside work: 1. Are You Always Late Are you someone who is always late? What is late….5 minutes … a half hour? 2. Are You Rude? Do you get curt with people … maybe sarcastic … irritated and you show it? 3. How Involved Are You? Are you used to outsourcing everything but your sleep and love life? It’s great to have support but are you seen as someone who delegates so you don’t have to...

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